Payment Calculator

No DOwn Payment Financing

Monthly payments are computed for well-qualified business clients.. Additional restrictions may apply.  Payment terms: No down payment required. Financing spans five years, with the initial month's payment due at closing and a final payment equivalent to 10% of the financed sum. 

Fixed Monthly Payment

You can rest assured that fluctuations in interest rates won't impact your payments with us. Your payment remains as low as the day you sign, ensuring stability and peace of mind.

Funding When You Need It

Banks are often known for lending money to businesses only when they are financially stable. However, CG Loan breaks this pattern by offering equipment financing precisely when your business needs it most.


Business owners often lack the time to navigate complex credit applications and gather numerous financial documents. With CG Loan, this process is simplified through a short credit application and the last three months business bank statements. Approvals as quick as 15 minutes.

CG Loan's Goal

Provide capital to help small businesses grow.

For various reasons such as speed, excessive documentation, rapid or sluggish growth, rough credit periods, or financial complexities, many businesses have been overlooked by traditional banks. Since 2014, CG has been steadfastly committed to assisting as many of these overlooked businesses as possible, ensuring they receive the support they need to thrive.